Bluewater Productions has announced an agreement with Lionsgate under which the companies will be developing comic book series based on the Leprechaun and Warlock movie franchises.  Bluewater has published a Vincent Price Presents comic based on the horror film star’s oeuvre and has previously inked deals to publish comics based on the creations of screen icons Ray Harryhausen, Roger Corman, and William Shatner.


Zach Hunchar will be writing the first Leprechaun story arc, an action-packed saga featuring Lubdan, the king and sole surviving Leprechaun, whose pot of gold is stolen, an act of thievery with potentially disastrous consequences if he cannot recover it in time.  Kris Carter will draw the Leprechaun comics and Michael Kingston has signed on to write the second Leprechaun story arc.


In Bluewater’s Warlock series, which will be written by Nick Lyons and illustrated by Jacob Bear, a rag-tag group of misfits has to prevent the Warlock from destroying a book containing a spell that has kept six other Warlocks imprisoned and unable to release chaos and destruction on humanity.