Aurora Publishing is planning to release two new josei/shojo fantasy manga during the first quarter of 2009.  First up in February is Tengu-jin ($10.95, 160-pages) by Sumomo Yumeka, a one-volume manga containing two fantasy stories, one set in a future Japan that has split apart into two warring factions, and the other in a feudal kingdom.

Queen of Ragtonia
The first book in the two-volume series of Chika Shioma’s Queen of Ragtonia ($10.95, 160-pages) is due out in March. Princess Faruna is the last hope of her kingdom when it is attacked by evil sorcerers in this action-packed fantasy series.

Both Tengu-jin and Queen of Ragtonia were published in Japan by Shodensha, the company that has also released such classics as Paradise Kiss, Happy Mania, and Suppli.