The winners of the 35th Annual Origins Awards were announced on Saturday night at the Origins Game Fair at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus Ohio.  The five finalists in each category were previously revealed at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas in April (see “35th Annual Origins Award Finalists”).  Among the winners were Z-Man Games’ Pandemic board game and Academy Game’s Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear, an historical tactical military board game set on the Eastern Front in 1941-42, North Star’s Say Anything (Party Games), Archaia’s Mouseguard RPG, and WotC’s Magic the Gathering: Shards of Alara 1 (Collectible Card Games) and Star Wars Miniatures: The Clone Wars (Line of Miniature Figures).


Here’s a complete list of the 2009 Origins Winners (Categories are in boldface and the winners are in italics):


Board Games: Pandemic by Z-Man Games, Inc.

Designed by Matt Leacock


Children’s, Family, and Party  Games: Say Anything by North Star Games

Designed by Dominic Craphuchettes and Satish Pillalamarri


Historical Board Games: Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear by Academy Games

Designed by Uwe Eickert


Card Games: Dominion by Rio Grande Games

Designed by Donald X Vaccarino


Collectible Card Games: Magic the Gathering: Shards of Alara 1 by Wizards of the Coast 

Designed by Bill Rose and Devin Low


Fiction: Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons Volume 2 Published by Devil’s Due

Edited by James Lowder & Mike O’Sullivan


Non-Fiction: Tour de Lovecraft: The Tale Published by Atomic Overmind Press

Written by Ken Hite


Miniature Game Rules: Classic Battletech: Tactical Operations by Catalyst Game Labs  Designed by Randall N. Bills and Herbert A Beas II


Miniature Figure or Line of Miniature Figures: Star Wars Miniatures: The Clone Wars by Wizards of the Coast


Historical Miniatures Line of the Year: Tie

Fields of Glory Miniature Rules  by Osprey Publishing / Slitherine Software

Designed by Richard Bodley-Scott

Song of Drums and Shako by Ganesha Games

Designed by Andrea Sfiligoi


Historical Miniature Figure Game Rules Supplement: Rise of Rome (Fields of Glory Supplement) by Osprey Publishing


Historical Miniature Figure Line: SS-Panzerdivision ‘Das Reich’ Panzerkompanie (GEAB06) [15mm Line] by Battlefront Games


Role-Playing Game: Mouseguard Role-Playing Game by Archaia Studios Press

Designed by Luke Crane and David Petersen


Role-Playing Game Supplement: Serenity Adventures by Margaret Weis Productions

Designed by Alana Abbot, Billy Aguiar, James Davenport, Ted Reed, and James M. Ward


Game Accessory: D-Total die by Gamescience

Designed by Dr. A. F. Simkin, Frank Dutrain, and Louis Zocchi

Play By Mail/Post: Hyborian War by Reality Simulations Inc.
Designed by Paul W Brown III