Bluewater Productions announced on Tuesday, roughly seven hours before Senator Ted Kennedy's death was reported, that it would release Political Power:  Ted Kennedy, in November.  Written by Brent Sprecher, with art by Alejandro Figueroa, and cover by Patricio Carbajal, the 23-page story will cover his career “from his youthful competition with his brothers and dealing with their untimely deaths, to the Chappaquiddick scandal that nearly destroyed his career; his failed bid for the presidency in 1980, and his distinguished career in the Senate.”


Bluewater Productions issued the following statement this morning:

“The timing of our announcement of a biography comic based on the life of Ted Kennedy was in no way tied to the Senator's declining health and ultimate passing. When Bluewater planned out the first year of biographies, Kennedy's name was always at the top of the list. In fact, this issue has been in production since March and was solicited to retail shops through our national distributor in June. We will, of course, pay final respects to this American icon by adding a page to the completed issue to close the last chapter of his remarkable life.”