Building on its existing line of biographical comics, Bluewater Productions will publish Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics graphic novel collections in collaboration with original publisher Revolutionary Comics.  Ten bi-monthly collections are planned, incorporating over seventy biographies of bands and rock legends, organized around interest areas.  Unpublished material from Revolutionary and epilogues, where events since publication warrant it, will be incorporated.


The volumes include:


Volume 1:  Hard Rock Heroes

Volume 2:  The Beatles

Volume 3:  The Spirit of the 60s

Volume 4:  Led Zeppelin Experience

Volume 5:  A Rock Pantheon

Volume 6:  Pink Floyd Experience

Volume 7:  The Art of Rock

Volume 8:  The King: Elvis Presley

Volume 9:  SMASH!  A Punk/Alternative Retrospective

Volume 10:  Hip-Hop and Funk Heroes 


The first volume, which will be released in December, will include Revolutionary’s biography of Guns N’ Roses, which sold over 150,000 copies in multiple printings during the late 80s and 90s. 


Revolutionary battled several bands in court, but won an important battle in a lawsuit brought by New Kids on the Block.  The ruling made it clear that comics were entitled to the same protection as other forms of expression about public figures.