A few weeks back, we asked DC President and Publisher Paul Levitz about his job (which he’s leaving in conjunction with a re-organization of the company, see “Warners Forms DC Entertainment”), and here’s what he said:


I have one of the best jobs on the planet.  I get a parade of extraordinarily interesting people in and out of my life.  When I walk out from my office to check the phone log and on a particular, peculiar day the range can be anything from Neal Adams calling because he’s got an idea for a new way he wants to work in one of the new media; to one of our producers or directors talking about a movie or TV show with our stuff; to Bill Willingham calling to discuss Peter and Max and what we’re doing with it and how happy he is on something like that; to strange people from outside organizations that we do business with.  I’ve gotten to know creative leaders in so many different media and play with them. 


It’s an incredible gig.  I’ve been there a very long time.  It’s way past any statistical likelihood of anyone staying doing something.  So one of these days I’m not going to be doing this, whether that’s the company changing its mind or moving in another direction, or me saying, 'guys it’s been great, it’s been a wonderful time but I’m not getting on another airplane for awhile.'  But I’ll still have been one of the luckiest guys imaginable to have gotten to play with these great toys for so long.  I hope I’ll still have one foot in the comic book industry for a long time thereafter.  If nothing else I get to go to a comic convention and actually have some time to attend a panel and just listen or buy some comics.

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