At a press event for the release of the Wolverine DVD, X-Men producer Lauren Schuler Donner, who has been involved in every X-Men film produced so far, shot down Internet rumors of an X-Men: First Class movie.  But she did reveal that she has plans for two other X-Men-related projects, an X4 film that would reunite the cast of the first 3 X-Men films, and a feature film based on The New Mutants.


Slashfilm, which reported the conversation, noted that Schuler Donner also remarked that she had not yet pitched either X4 or The New Mutants projects to Fox.  A number of other X-related projects are in the works including Deadpool, which has Ryan Reynolds attached to star as “Merc with a mouth,” the long-gestating Magneto project featuring Ian McKellen, and a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was just released on DVD and Blu-ray.  Which X-project will be the first to reach the big screen?  It’s hard to tell right now, but it’s a good bet that Fox will keep releasing X-Men films in a timely fashion in order to keep screen rights to the popular property.