Superstar comics writer Alan Moore has announced plans for a new underground magazine, Dodgem Logic, which will be, according to the release, "as cheap and beautiful as a heartbreaking teenage prostitute."  The magazine, to be published by Knockabout, will retail for £2.50 in the UK and launch in November.  The announcement came in a release posted by Moore's daughter Leah on her blog.

Dodgem Logic will be produced in 40 full color pages as well as an eight page local section that could be swapped out for local content in other areas.  Moore's hometown of Northampton, England will be the source of the content in the local section of the first issue. Content will include columnists offering recipes, advice on cheap lifestyles, guerrilla gardening, and environmental issues, plus features on such topics as the squatters' movement, and communiques from the "Steampunk/Post-Civilization gang."

Comics will not be ignored, with content planned from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen artist Kevin O'Neill and underground artist Savage Pencil.  The cover of the first issue is by digital artist Tamara Rogers.

Moore will contribute a lead feature on the history of underground subversive publishing from its origins in the thirteenth century, along with various illustrations and words of advice, and partner Melinda Gebbie will launch a variously-hosted women's column in the first issue.

Moore promises that Dodgem Logic will be "a splash of subterranean exotica in a bleached-out cultural and social landscape."