Vertigo has announced that it will release two larger-format collections to tie into media events based on Human Target and The Losers.  Vertigo will collect the four-shot Human Target miniseries (Peter Milligan, Edvin Biukovic) and the 96-page Human Target:  Final Cut original graphic novel (Milligan, Javier Pulido) into a single 200-page volume titled Human Target:  Chance Meetings, to be released in conjunction with the first appearance of the TV series.  The Human Target TV series will preview during a prime slot following an NFL playoff game and before the season premiere of 24 on January 17th (see “Human Target Gets Great Shot”).


The Losers, a 304-page paperback collecting all twelve issues of the two The Losers miniseries (Andy Diggle, Jock and Shawn  Martinbrough), will also be released in January 2010.  The movie (see “McCallany Joins The Losers”) will premiere in April.