Dan Veltre of Dewey's Comic City in Madison, New Jersey read the recent article regarding BOOM! Studios' Disney line of comics (see "BOOM!'s Disney Standards") and had this to say:

As a retailer I really love the new BOOM! Disney titles.  I think they're an excellent product, priced right for the market they're aimed at and one that many Moms and Dads will have no problem picking up for they're kids.  While the Gemstone books were beautiful books, they were simply aimed at a different market and not nearly as kid friendly as the BOOM! stuff.  We've already been have some early success at moving these books.

However, I urge BOOM! to discontinue their dual cover policy on Disney and all kids titles.  We've already run into problems with parents picking up duplicate copies some of the Pixar books, thinking that they were buying two different issues or buying a new issue.  We try to police the situation at the register when we can, explaining when they bring two copies of the same issue with different covers that the content is the same outside of the
cover, but can't always catch the problem in time.

So BOOM!, if you really want to make these books kid-friendly, you'll consider moving to a single cover policy on the Disney books.

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