IDW has scheduled the first releases in its Archie line (see “IDW to Publish Archie Collections”) for May through July of 2010.  The first release, in May, will be Archie: The Best of Dan DeCarlo Volume One, a collection of dozens of stories, shot from original art and re-colored to match the look of the stories as they were first published.

Then in June, Archie: The Classic Newspaper Comics, Volume One, which will collect strips from 1946-1948, will be released under the Library of American Comics imprint.

And in July, IDW will publish Archie: Pureheart the Powerful, collecting the parody stories from the mid-sixties.  This will be a timely release, as Archie is releasing a series of new one-shots starring Archie and the gang as superheroes (see “Archie to Publish Superhero Specials”).