Variety has reported that Mirimax has signed a deal with Lego for the co-production of a CGI-animated movie based on Bionicles for an 04 release.  This will be Mirimax's first foray into animation.  The deal also provides for Mirimax to have worldwide distribution rights to a direct-to-video CGI Bionicle movie currently being produced by Creative Capers Entertainment for a September 03 release:  Bionicle:  Mask of Light.    


With the robust backstory already in place for this property (see 'Bionicles -- Lego's Integrated Approach to Creating a Toy Boom') from both toys and comics, and toys that were a big hit last year, both the OVA and the theatrical movie have a good chance to do well, further expanding the market for Bionicles toys and other products.