Upper Deck has released details of its Marvel program for early 2010, including set configurations, chase cards, and pricing.  The first trading card product, Super Hero Squad Trading Cards (see “Marvel Comic, Movie, and TV Cards”), based on Cartoon Network’s top rated show for boys six to eight, will be released in January.  The 107-card set will be packaged in five-card booster packs at $1.99.  Special cards include a temporary tattoo in every pack, Tag Team stickers, special foil Die-Cut Heroes and Pop-Up Heroes and Villains. 


The first TCG product will be Marvel Superstars TCG Starter Set, will be released in late February (see “Upper Deck’s Ben Seck on the Marvel TCG”).  The 60-card set will include two 30-card starter decks, game tokens, and four exclusive cards that won’t be included in any future expansions at $9.99. 


Marvel Superstars TCG:  Premiere Edition Booster, a 262-card (originally announced as 285-card) booster set, will be released in March in 20-card booster packs for $3.99.  It will include movie images from Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, X-Men, and Fantastic Four.


In April, the Iron Man II Trading Cards will be released, with autograph cards from the movie's stars; plus memorabilia cards with costume and equipment pieces from the movie.  Subsets on Iron Man’s armor, classic comic covers, and behind-the-scenes footage will be included in the seven-card hobby packs at $2.99.


Two Marvel Superstars TCG products are planned for May:  Iron Man II Starter Decks, and boosters for the first expansion.