DC is launching its The War of the Supermen event on Free Comic Book Day with a special free comic written by James Robinson with interior art by Eddy Barrows and a cover by J.G. Jones.  According to Superman editor Matt Idelson, the individual issues in the crossover event will feature self-contained stories, but the stories will also be interconnected.  How far reaching will The War of the Supermen event be?  Idelson told an interviewer at the Techland site, “Right now, we're taking the concentrated approach, limiting the war to the main miniseries and logical titles (i.e. Superman, Supergirl, etc.), but much like Blackest Night, it’s very possible that the story could expand to touch upon other titles.”


DC is being pretty tightlipped about the actual events in The War of the Superman except to explain that it will take place in an atmosphere of rising tensions.  Superman has left Earth in the hands of Nightwing, Flamebird, Mon-El, and the Guardian.  Meanwhile relations between Earth and New Krypton are deteriorating and war appears to be imminent.