William Stout has no peer when it comes to depicting dinosaurs.  No further proof is needed for that assertion than what is amply provided by two new volumes from Flesk Publications, Dinosaur Discoveries ($24.95 TPB, $39.95 HC) and New Dinosaur Discoveries A-Z (HC, $14.95).  Both of these volumes concentrate on the exciting new finds of the past 20 years, and provide a wealth of knowledge concerning the latest findings from the frontiers of paleontology.


In Dinosaur Discoveries Stout depicts 61 new dinosaurs, each of which is rendered in its natural environment with particular attention paid to dinosaur skin impressions.  Each full color, full page illustration is accompanied by key facts about the newly discovered dinosaur, its name, family, era, diet, the location where it was found, and any other descriptive traits that scientists have discovered.


The kid-friendly New Dinosaur Discoveries A-Z is an alphabet book that makes its way from “A” (Amargasaurus) to “Z” (Zuniceratops).  Special attention is paid to phonetic pronunciations for the complex names—something that is a godsend for parents and grandparents—and to cool dinosaur facts that will keep any dinosaur savvy kid interested and well-informed.