Tokyopop's VP Sales and Marketing Steve Kleckner told ICv2 today that he believes Tokyopop has its manga titles in 4000-6000 stores.  The most recent addition was Wherehouse Music, which has agreed to place the line in its 114 stores.  The floor displays are in over 1400 stores. 


As previously reported, Tokyopop has been very happy with its 'authentic' right to left manga roll-out, with sell-outs reported on its initial printings (see 'Interview with Tokyopop VP Mike Kiley').  


All of the first nine titles are now in print, according to Kleckner, some after numerous printings.  The first volume of Love Hina, for example, was in its fourth printing by its scheduled release date.  'I have been blown away by how strong it is,' Kleckner said of Love Hina.  Other properties he noted as especially strong were Chobits and Cowboy Bebop.


Tokyopop shipped over 200,000 books in April, marking the company's biggest publishing month to date.   Tokyopop's success is part of the larger interest in manga (see 'Manga Trade Paperback Sales Exploding') that's currently sweeping the country.