Six months after The Phantom mini-series debuted on Canadian TV it will get its American debut when the SyFy Channel airs it June.  The three-hour Phantom movie, which stars Robin Carnes as Kit Walker the new Phantom, aired as a two-part mini-series in Canada in December.  The Phantom movie, which features the 22nd incarnation of Lee Falk’s masked crimefighter, was ordered as the pilot for a possible Phantom series by the SyFy (then the "Sci-Fi") Channel (see “The Phantom on Sci-Fi”).


Produced by RHI and Muse Entertainment and directed by Paolo Bartzman, the new Phantom also stars Isabella Rossellini as the villainous Lithia.  Sandrine Holt plays Guran and Cameron Goodman portrays Kit’s girlfriend Rennie.  The new Phantom wears a bulkier costume that is impervious to bullets and doubles his strength and speed.


Moonstone Books is currently in the midst of its Phantom Generations Maxi-Series, which will include an issue for each of the first 21 incarnations of The Phantom, and has also announced a Phantom/Captain Action 2-issue crossover (see “The Phantom Meets Captain Action”).