Archie Comics has announced that the two upcoming comics featuring Archie’s married life with Veronica and Betty (see “Archie Enters Alternate Reality”) will be combined into a single magazine-format product, Life with Archie—The Married Life.  The move was made, according to the announcement, because of the limited number of locations where comic format products are sold, and Archie’s belief that the initial response to the announcement indicates true mass potential for the product.  “The more mainstream platform of a magazine will enable greater accessibility of the… series,” the announcement said. 


The launch date has been moved from July to August in conjunction with the format change. 


Archie is promising more vivid artwork, more accurate reproduction, and higher quality paper and printing in conjunction with the new format.  Each issue will also include extras, such as the first issue’s interview with “secrets from Archie’s headquarters.”  MSRP will be $3.99.