Diamond has announced that it has been named exclusive distributor to the bookstore, library, warehouse club, mass merchandise, and specialty markets in the U.S. by Oni Press and AiT/Planet Lar.  Both were made book distributor refugees by the collapse of LPC Group, their previous distributor to the book trade.  AiT/Planet Lar had only been an LPC client for a few months when bankruptcy was declared (see 'Ait/Planet Lar Signs with LPC').  Both One and AiT/Planet Lar waited some time before announcing a new choice; LPC has not been operating since the end of July (for a recap on the LPC bankruptcy and where graphic novel publishers have gone for book distribution, see 'Bookstore Distribution Scorecard'). 


That leaves only Drawn and Quarterly (which may be going to Chronicle Books) and Image, of the graphic novel publishers formerly distributed by LPC, that have not announced a new book distributor.