Tokyopop and the digital publishing distribution service Zinio announced a partnership that offers more than 50 volumes of manga available for immediate digital download for either Mac or PC from the Website.  The initial selection of backlist offerings is dominated by Tokyopop's OEL titles, but it also includes the popular shonen-ai series Graviation


The debut list of titles is heavily populated by Tokyopop’s OEL titles including Bizenghast, Dramacon, Princess Ai, The Dreaming, Van Von Hunter, Return to Labyrinth and Legends of the Dark Crystal.  The groundbreaking shonen-ai manga series Gravitation is available in an omnibus two-volume format for $7.99, while the single volumes of the previously mentioned titles will sell for $5.99. 


Release dates for additional volumes including Min-Woo Hyung’s manhwa series Priest, which has been made into a major motion picture debuting next spring, will be announced soon.  Sang-Sun Park’s manhwa series The Tarot Café is also available now.