Last March BOOM! Studios announced that Stan Lee would be creating three superhero characters for the company (see “Stan’s Back at BOOM!”).  At the San Diego Comic-Con, the three new series, The Traveler, Soldier Zero, and Starborn were all revealed as well as the creative teams that will launch these properties created by the comics grandmaster behind the Marvel Universe.


The Traveler, which is due out in November and will have a creative team of Mark Waid (Irredeemable) and Chad Hardin, appears to be a somewhat familiar saga about a scientist who oversteps the bounds of scientific propriety and sufferers the consequences of a horrific accident that leaves him with the power to warp time, either slow it or speed it up.  But The Traveler’s backstory and powers will remain mysterious as bits and pieces of his origin saga seep out through the first story arc, and how the hero deals with the emotional and moral complications that ensue from his condition provide the humanistic, Stan Lee touch.


Soldier Zero, which is being written by Paul Cornell (Action Comics) and drawn by Javier Pina, is due out in October.  It is the saga of the wheelchair-bound Stewart Travers, who is transformed temporarily into super-powered soldier by an alien symbiote.  But the symbiosis only lasts so long and then Travers is once again in a wheelchair in this saga that yo-yos its protagonist mercilessly from superabilities to disabilities.


Starborn, which launches in December, is being written by Chris Roberson and illustrated by Khary Randolph.  The hero of Starborn is an ordinary guy stuck in a mind-numbing job, who has fantastic sci-fi daydreams that he is attempting to transcribe as novels when the creatures from his imagination begin to appear in his real life and he begins to realize that he just might be the heir to a galactic empire.