Kendall Swafford of Up Up & Away! in Cincinnati, Ohio responds to Mitch Cutler's comments regarding the subject of the role of DC's sales reps (see "Mitch Cutler of St. Mark's Comics on DC Sales Reps"):

One of the reasons I choose to write my column is to provoke thoughtful debate and conversation about this industry.  I thought I had made it clear that I like Pat O'Connell and I meant no disrespect.  In no way did I state that Pat wasn't doing his job as put forth by his employers.  I stated up front that I really like Pat, I enjoy our weekly conversations, but he rarely sells me anything I wouldn't have bought anyway.  I'm sure Pat does his job and does it well, that was never in question.  I'm just wondering, and have for some time, how DC justifies the POSITION, not the employee.  That DC had no one from publicity, sales or even janitorial playing point man on this Superman event is frustrating to me.  We can continue to follow the same path, selling to an ever aging and diminishing audience, or we can use opportunities like this to broaden our reader base.  Why can't the sales guy help row the boat?

Finally, I DO want to thank Mitch Cutler for taking the time to write.  The conversation between peers ultimately benefits us all.

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