In June Dark Horse, USA Today and Toshiba announced an agreement to showcase new comic material across a variety of platforms. The first example of this partnership was an article about and a page from Janet and Alex Evanovich’s Troublemaker graphic novel that appeared in USA Today and on USA Today’s Website prior to the San Diego Comic-Con where the first volume of Troublemaker debuted (see “Dark Horse, USA Today, & Toshiba”).


Since then USA Today has published online articles and previews featuring other Dark Horse titles including Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden’s Baltimore and the Zack Whedon-penned Terminator: 1984 mini-series.  But starting in October the cross-marketing between Dark Horse and USA Today will ramp up significantly.  Five Dark Horse titles, the names of which will be released at the New York Comic Con, will receive (like Troublemaker) both articles and a 1-page comic preview in the “Living Section” of the print edition of USA Today.  The print articles will direct readers to the USA Today Website where they will be able to read the all-new, exclusive 8-page comic story.