WizKids' MechWarrior:  Dark Ages debuted strong in August, with the boosters topping our Top 10 Cool Game list for the month.  In other categories, higher numbers in product series that have topped  our lists in the past were common, with Simpsons atop the Movie/TV list, and an All Star Archives the #1 comic title.  These Top 10 Cool lists were compiled from numbers submitted by retailers based on actual dollar sales (not orders, and not pieces) in August.  Click here for all of the Top 10 Cool lists for August. 



MechWarrior:  Dark Ages, WizKids new Battletech-based CMG, came out strong in August, with the #1 and #5 slots for boosters and starters, respectively.  The Dragonball Z: Trunks Reforged Theme Deck was the only other new product.  As has been the case for months, Yu Gi Oh would probably have been the top-selling products had adequate supply been available.  Click here for the August 2002 Top 10 Cool Games.



Reflecting current trends, the modern DC universe was absent from its four titles in the August Top 10 Cool Comics (two Thundercats, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. II, and an Archives made up the list).  Marvel's titles were the usual suspects, and Image's The Pro made a surprise appearance on the back of its $5.95 cover price.  Click here for the August 2002 Top 10 Cool Comics. 



A week month for new releases put non-descript titles on top and allowed Neon Genesis Evangelion to make a rare second appearance in the August Top 10 Cool Anime.  Dragon Ball Z and Gundam were the only two TV properties in the Top 10 this month.  Click here for the August 2002 Top 10 Cool Anime.



High-end DC and Marvel products had their usual high profile in the August 2002 Top 10 Cool Toys.  But the G.I. Joe Storm Shadow Mini-Bust from Palisades and the two Monty Python Black Knight toys from Toy Vault and Sideshow were our faves (especially the Velcro dismemberment capability on the Black Knight plush).  Click here for the August 2002 Top 10 Cool Toys.


Movie/TV Products

Simpsons Season 3 DVD Set topped the August Top 10 Cool Movie/TV products (as did the first two season sets).  Lord of the Rings placed two products -- the Widescreen DVD and Topps' FOTR Update Trading Cards.  The Sopranos Third Season DVD Set made the list, tied in with the new season premiere.  Angel Trading Cards from Inkworks, a couple of Sci Fi Channel DVDs and some odds and ends round out the list.  Click here for the August 2002 Top 10 Cool Movie/TV Products.