Kodansha announced its debut titles under the Kodansha Comics imprint (see “Kodansha to Shift U.S. Titles”), which will begin to ship in May 2011.  The company will launch its new publishing program with a fairly aggressive schedule of thirty volumes in the summer months. 


Del Rey will continue to publish the Clamp titles Tsubasa and xxxHolic under its own brand, the first news that there will be any Japanese titles released as Del Rey manga in the future. 


Kodansha Comics’ planned launches are:


  • Phoenix Wright—Ace Attorney (new series) Volume 1 in June, Volume 2 in August 
  • Monster Hunter Orage (based on the CapCom game) Volume 1 in June, Volume 2 in August
  • Rave Master Omnibus (collecting the final three volumes of the series) in May
  • Deltora Quest (anime on The Hub), in July
  • Ghost in the Shell:  Stand Alone Complex (adapting the anime)
  • Until the Full Moon (from Broccoli) in July
  • Mardock Scramble (there’s also an anime), in August
  • Animal Land (by Zatch Bell creator) in August
  • Gon (by Masashi Tanaka, formerly CMX) in August
  • Bloody Monday, by Ryou Ryumon and Koji Megumi, in August
  • Cage of Eden, by Yoshinobu Yamada, in August
  • Negima Omnibus, collecting the first three volumes, in June

Continuing seriees are:

  • Air Gear Volume 18 in June, Volume 19 in August
  • Arisa Volume 2 in May, Arisa Volume 3 in July
  • Fairy Tale Volume 13 in May, Volume 14 in July
  • I Am Here! Volume 2 in July
  • Negima Volume 29 in May, Volume 30 in July
  • Negima!? Neo in June
  • Ninja Girls Volume 5 in May, Volume 6 in July
  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Volume 9 in June, Volume 10 in August
  • Shugo Chara! Volume 10 in May, Volume 11 in July
  • The Wallflower Volume 25 in June