Tokyopop has launched a new online store (in beta), which will offer previously out of print manga titles using print on demand service provided by Baker & Taylor’s TextStream.  Tokyopop did not provide a complete list of previously OP titles that are being made available via the P.O.D. service, but three were named:  Arm of Kannon, Gorgeous Carat, and Liling-Po.  The print-on-demand titles are being offered at $15.99. 


We also noticed the odd OP volume of more current series offered via P.O.D., such as Fruits Basket Vol. 1 and Vol. 5 (that Fruits Basket content is now available in the larger Ultimate Editions).


The POD service will be useful for fans, collectors, and libraries seeking to fill out a run or replace a damaged volume.  No trade discounts on P.O.D. titles are being offered at this time. 


The store is offering a 30% off sale as a launch incentive.


The new Website also uses MashON to offer branded merchandise; at this point a limited line of Tokyopop-branded iPhone skins and miniposters is offered.