One Piece manga creator Eiichiro Oda has an annual income of over $24 million, according to Weekly Bunshun magazine via Anime News Network.  The amount is a combination of his royalties on the manga ($15.5 million) and on other products based on the property ($9 million).


The One Piece manga has been setting sales records, with a print run of 3.2 million copies for the most recent collection (see “The Most Popular Manga in the World”). 


That level of annual income has to be an order of magnitude greater than the highest-earning comic creator in English.  Alan Moore probably made more money than any other English-language comic creator in a single year in 2009, based on sales of the Watchmen collection and other titles he wrote.  Moore famously gave his share of revenues from the Watchmen movie to Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons.