Marvel Comics has announced that Captain America: First Vengeance, an eight-issue digital comics series will debut on Sunday February 6th, the same day that the Captain America: The First Avenger advertising spot for the July 22nd tentpole movie premieres during the Super Bowl. 

The complete first issue of Captain America: First Vengeance will be available for free at on Sunday. It will then be available on the Marvel Comics iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch app starting Tuesday, February 8th.  Captain America: First Vengeance was the subject of a major article in Tuesday's USA Today.
Written by Fred Van Lente with art by Luke Ross and Neil Edwards, Captain America: First Vengeance “weaves in and out of the story of Cap’s coming film.” According to the announcement on, it includes some backstory on the Cap and Bucky characters and some action that parallels what happens in this summer’s movie.  The digital comic series will explore side stories that didn’t make it into the movie and it is calculated to appeal to both longtime Marvel fans and more casual viewers who are intrigued by publicity for the Captain America: The First Avenger movie.