Tokyopop’s 8-part documentary series, America’s Greatest Otaku, will debut on Hulu on February 24th. Each of the episodes follows Tokyopop founder Stuart Levy and his cohort of six college students/die hard otaku as they travel to twenty cities across the country searching for the one person who best personifies what it means to be an otaku, a totally focused and uber-passionate fan of anime, manga, video games and Japanese pop culture in general. 
The first season of America’s Greatest Otaku featured 19 serious contenders for the elusive pop culture crown. Participants were judged on pride, personality, passion, participation, expertise, and imagination. The winner, who will receive a free trip to Tokyo, will be announced in eighth and final episode by a panel of four prominent industry judges. But fans will be able to vote for their own “fan favorite choice” after the seventh episode goes live on Hulu.