Fox Home Entertainment is 'double-dipping' -- coming back for a second helping of profits on the DVD edition of the hit X-Men movie.  The new X-Men Collector's Edition DVD will hit the streets February 11, some two years after the film managed $63.5 million in sales during its first week of video release in February 2001 (see 'X-Men Video Boffo').  Of course back in 2001 we thought it was impressive that 46% of the video sales of the X-Men movie were in the form of DVDs.  Needless to say X-Men Collector's Edition is strictly a DVD affair.


The X-Men Collector's Edition DVD is a two-disk set that is only available in the correct 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen format and carries a suggested retail price of $26.95.  The first disk includes a new introduction by director Brian Singer, the 96-minute theatrical feature, plus deleted scenes and an audio commentary track by Singer.  Singer also introduces disk two, which contains five featurettes: 'The Making of X-Men; The Origin of the X-Men; The Uncanny Suspects; The X-Factor; Shooting the X-Men; Remembering the X-Men.' Other features include 3 trailers, 13 TV spots, and a short 'Behind the Scenes of X-Men 2' preview.