Marvel has released a preview of FF#1 by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting in which the remnants of the Fantastic Four, Marvel’s First Family of Comics, replace the departed Human Torch with Spider-Man and form a new supergroup known as The Future Foundation (see “The FF Becomes The Future Foundation”). The $3.99 issue ships on March 23rd with four variant covers (and a blank cover) available.
The preview begins with a cryptic page involving a splinter group of the scientific terrorist organization A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). Led by Dr. Forson and dressed in their traditional yellow “beekeeper” decontamination suits this group begins to engage in “spatial tunneling” in search of “new ideas,” and with no fear of “a fundamental reordering of things,” a definite hint that there will be time traveling element to this saga.
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The scene shifts to the Baxter Building where Reed Richards is watching a holographic message from Johnny Storm recorded before his death and urging that Peter Parker/Spider-Man should be his replacement.
In the third page Reed gives his assent to Johnny’s request and looks out the window, where a group that includes a number of alien creatures replaces the Fantastic Four logo with that of the Future Foundation and Reed intones “So this is tomorrow.”
The next page is a single panel that shows Spidey in his traditional red and blue togs swinging through what appears to be the stone canyons of contemporary New York.
he fifth page shows Spidey landing of the top of the Baxter Building, but finding no visible means of entry.
In the final page Sue Richards appears in circular elevator and bids Spidey to join her. The last panel shows Spidey and Sue heading into the depths of the building. Still to come is the explanation of how Spidey gets that white suit.