Paul Stock of Astro Books/Librairie Astro in Montreal, Canada read Wendy Goldberg's thoughts on the use of the word "geezers" in an ICv2 article (see "Wendy Goldberg on 'Geezers'") and had this to say.

I found Wendy Goldberg's recent piece decrying the use of the term "geezers" interesting, not from the view of her making a point worthy of concern, but as yet another example of what might be termed "PC bullying."

As a geezer myself, and being someone who's used the word in self description for several years, I certainly have no objection to seeing it used in an ICv2 article.  Frankly, I find it friendlier than "senior" (which I believe is the proper PC term), and certainly a lot less exclusionary than "the aged," another popular term for those of us on the downslope of life.  "Old coot," a much less popular term than "geezer," which itself was rarely heard, and in danger of falling into complete disuse in the 1970/1980s.

Anyways, at the risk of rambling on too long (as us over-the-hill boomers are wont to do), I'll just close by saying that this is one geezer who sees no pejorative in the use of the word.

[And in case anyone was wondering, the person that wrote that article is in his 60s, and the person that edited it is in his 50s.--ed.]

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