Michael Tierney of the Comic Book Store in Little Rock, Arkansas and Collector's Edition in North Little Rock saw Bill Jemas' comments on oveprinting (see 'Marvel's Bill Jemas 'Tells the Truth about Over-Production'') in conjunction with Marvel's plan to tweak its no overprint policy (see 'Marvel Prints on Spec!'), and sent us this comment.


Like most other retailers, the attitude and market strategies of Bill Jemas have caused me great concern -- not just for lost market opportunities, but his seemingly complete disregard for customer feedback -- and apparent personal distaste and disrespect for retailers and customers themselves.


Then I came to this realization: We shouldn't worry about what Bill Jemas says or does.  Bill Jemas probably won't be around that much longer anyway.  Think about it: in a year when Spider-Man was a #1 movie phenomenon, the #1 selling comic was Transformers -- from an independent publisher!  This is much the same situation that caused the last Marvel Publisher to be fired (after missed opportunities when X-Men was the #1 movie), and Jemas to be hired in the first place.


The real question should be: what about Joe Quesada?  Should we be discussing if Joe should leave with Bill?  Or should he stay?  While Joe has sided unanimously with all of Jemas' policies, we can't really hold that against him -- that's just being a good employee/soldier.  Under Quesada's tutelage as Editor-in-Chief, Marvel's overall editorial content has improved dramatically.  That's not to say that there isn't room for much more improvement, but you have to remember the restraints (with the initials BJ) that he is working under.


We may be letting ourselves be distracted by Jemas' antics, when the real issue might be: Can Joe Quesada survive whenever the ax does eventually fall on the current management?  My vote to the powers-that-be would be to give Joe a chance under the new management team.  What do other retailers think of this proposal?