Nick Smith of Pasadena Public Library in Pasadena, California comments on the release date conflict for the Magic: The Gathering--New Phyrexia pre-release and Free Comic Book Day (see “Rolling for Initiative--Surfeit of Riches”) and had this to say.

Except for an odd shift in 2004, Free Comic Book Day has been the first weekend of May since its inception in 2002.  The 2004 shift was to tie it to the release of Spider-Man 2, which was released in July instead of the "normal" May.  Marvel has released at least seven superhero movies in May during the last ten years.  Coming from one of the libraries that participates in FCBD, I have had to keep track of these things.

For a game publishing company, I can understand their ignoring a "big deal" date for some other field, such as comics.  Unless there was a specific tie to something of value to Wizards of the Coast, then they would have no incentive to disrupt their own schedule.

Mother's Day is a more valid objection.  Real world organizations do change events to avoid that and Father's Day, for the simple reason that a lot of families do plan events on those days, and it DOES affect attendance at events.  Retailers might want to watch what happens on May 8th, and let Wizards of the Coast know if it seems like your attendance is low on that day.  They may simply be calendrically challenged, or they may not have thought it was a problem.

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