Shawn Hamilton of the Great Escape in Nashville, Tennessee responded to Bill Jemas' Open Letter to Retailers (see 'Marvel's Bill Jemas 'Tells the Truth about Over-Production'') and Marvel's quick scheduling of a Must Have for The Truth (see 'Marvel Prints on Spec!') with this comment on another aspect of Marvel's No Overprint policy (difficulty in replacing shortages), and a happy ending.


Regardless of how you feel about Marvel's policies (either pro or con) the one problem that continues to plague us is Diamond's inability to replace Marvel shortages.  Nearly every week we deal with this problem, but this week was particularly bad because we were shorted every copy of our Uncanny X-Men.  I'm sure as we all know if you don't get your Marvels with your shipment... you don't get them!  Luckily for us, our copies had been sent to to the wrong account -- Comics & Things in Virginia Beach Va. -- and Larry Webster of Comics & Things immediately reported that he had recieved extra books to Diamond and we will be getting our missing Marvels!  It's nice to know, despite Marvel's policy to ignore the needs of the retailer, that we are looking out for each other.