Cryptozoic and the CBLDF’s Liberty Cards have managed to gather an impressive list of intellectual properties whose owners will allow fellow artists to create sketch cards that will be included as “chase” cards in Liberty Cards foil packs. The list includes Bone & RASL universe characters created by Jeff Smith, Savage Dragon universe characters from Erik Larsen, Top Cow universe characters from Marc Silvestri, Extreme universe characters from Rob Liefeld, Spawn universe characters from Todd McFarlane, Distant Soil universe characters from Colleen Doran, Grendel and Mage universe characters from Matt Wagner, Zot universe characters from Scott McCloud, Elfquest and Masque of the Red Death universe characters from Warp Graphics, The Mask, Ghost, & X characters from Dark Horse, Roswell universe characters from Bill Morrison, Johnny Boo, American Elf, Monkey vs. Robot, & Kolchalka characters from James Kolchalka, Stangers in Paradise and Echo universe characters from Terry Moore, Usagi Yojimbo characters from Stan Sakai, Shadowhawk and Normalman universe characters from Jim Valentino, Chew universe characters from John Layman, Beanworld universe characters from Larry Marder, and Fish’n’Chips universe characters from Steve Hamaker.
Monkey vs. Robot
The list of those who will sign autograph cards is even more impressive. It includes: Neil Gaiman, Amanda Conner, Charlie Adlard, Darick Robertson, Gail Simone, Larry Marder, Steve Lieber, Bill Morrison, Erik Larsen, Denny O’Neill, Jimmy Palmiotti, Judd Winick, Jim Valentino, Rob Liefeld, Phil Hester, James Kolchalka, Ben McCool, Eric Powell, Kurt Busiek, Jeff Smith, Paul Pope, Marv Wolfman, Peter David, Frank Quitely, John Layman, Mike Richardson, Ryan Otley, Scott McCloud, Steve Bissette, Brad Meltzer, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, Dan Panosian, Paul Levitz, Rick Veitch, Robert Kirkman, Peter Kuper, Darwyn Cooke, and Brian Azzarello.

The 70-card series of Liberty Trading Cards, which will trace the history of comic book censorship in America, will be released in July (see “Cryptozoic and CBLDF to Create Liberty Trading Cards”).