After selling “a couple hundred thousand” copies in the original softcover edition, the award-winning graphic novel Blankets, by Craig Thompson, will be released in a new, deluxe hardcover edition in August. The new hardcover, which has a slightly larger trim size than the trade paperback edition, will feature Smyth-sewn bindings, a spot gloss, and higher quality paper for $39.95. A new edition of the trade paperback will be released in August at (its normal price of) $29.95.
Blankets remains a very strong title in the Fiction and Reality category, where it is still in the top 10 some eight years after its release in 2003 (see “Top 10 Fiction and Reality Graphic Novels—Q1 2011”), demonstrating that even after hundreds of thousands of copies have been sold, it remains an important stand-alone graphic novel. 
 Habibi, by Blankets creator Craig Thompson, will be released in hardcover this fall, offering a new companion piece to the classic Blankets (see “Craig Thompson’s Habibi Due September 20th”).