ICv2 has learned that Marvel and Graphitti Designs have settled the dispute that had brought a halt to all shipments of Marvel t-shirts from Graphitti (see 'No More Marvel T-Shirts From Graphitti?') in September.  Bob Chapman of Graphitti Designs told ICv2, 'Our relationship with Marvel is good now--we've opened up new channels of communication that should allow us to avoid any problems in the future.'  Chapman noted that the current t-shirt agreement with Marvel runs through the middle of 2005, and that he had already started shipping restocking orders for Marvel shirts on Diamond's Star System.  'Our first new product listings should appear in the January issue of Previews (for items shipping in March), and we should be able to fill backstock orders on Marvel designs right away, so that retailers can get the shirts they want for the holidays.'


Chapman also told ICv2, 'We're going to do everything we can to keep our best-selling Daredevil items available throughout the first quarter of next year in order to support the launch of the Daredevil movie, which opens on Valentine's Day.  We've lost some momentum on Marvel sales (because of the dispute), but we're working hard to get it back.'  Marvel's ambitious 2003 schedule should help Graphitti regain momentum since, in addition to all its publishing activities and the Daredevil film, Marvel has two other comic book properties that appear to be prime candidates for 'blockbuster' status in the summer of 2003, X-Men 2 and The Incredible Hulk.