On Saturday, Comic-Con is at its peak, with both fan and marketing activities at full tilt. Here’s Part 2 of our Saturday Comic-Con photos.

And they all lived Happily Ever After!

Dark Horse’s 8” flocked Snoopy figures. Limited editions due in September ($29.99).

The Green Lantern at the Mattel booth.

Dolph (as in the Miami Dolphins) Vader and friend.

With Nixon’s head.

Only at Comic-Con does a beautiful costumed Zatanna in the foreground get upstaged by an adult and child walking behind her.

Ms. Marvel and her barbarian date.

On the left—female superheroes using their hands. On the right—their tridents.

Poison Ivy, packed and ready to go.

Ash from the Evil Dead.

A smile from Emma Frost.

Warlord, with patented fur loincloth and sword.

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