Archaia Entertainment, publisher of the Dark Crystal comic book, has announced plans to release a role-playing game based on the Jim Henson classic late in 2012.  ICv2 caught up with Mark Smylie with the details at the recent Gen Con game fair.
“It will be fairly simple, all-ages appropriate, and available for younger players,” Smylie explained.  The game will be designed by Luke Crane, who also created the Mouse Guard RPG for Archaia and the award-winning Burning Wheel
The Dark Crystal RPG will use similar rules to those found in Mouse Guard.  Players will be able to create gelfling characters and explore the world of the film.
Smylie indicated that the game will be released as a single hardcover book, and may later be presented in a boxed set as well.  Archaia hopes to have the game finished in time for Gen Con.
A sequel to the Jim Henson and Frank Oz film is reportedly in the works (see “‘Dark Crystal’ Sequel Set”).