Marvel will complete its transition to digital day and date by the end of March 2012, the company told Gizmodo.  The company will continue its strategy of converting titles to day and date with convenient jumping on points or first issues (see “Major Marvel Titles Going Day & Date”).  Exceptions to the day and date policy will exist: licensed books (e.g., Stephen King books) and Max titles.
New periodical comics were already hitting a tipping point, with DC’s transition to day and date digital when it relaunched its line in August and September, and Image’s announcement that it would follow suit shortly thereafter (see “Day and Date Comics Hitting Tipping Point”).  As of early October, 40% of new comics were being released digitally on the same day as they were being released in print.  Adding the rest of Marvels to the mix will definitely push the percentage of day and date titles to over 50%, and the percentage of dollars will be much higher.