Rembert Parker of Reader Copies in North Anderson, Indiana saw the recent announcement that Gemstone would be publishing Disney comics 'Interview with Steve Geppi on Gemstone Disney Comics--Part 1' and 'Interview with Steve Geppi on Gemstone Disney Comics--Part 2') and felt that the proposed price was too high for a kids comic:


While the return of the duck books is welcome, I'm not sure it will fill the niche of kid-friendly comics that we've been discussing.

Just exactly where are these kids who can spend $6.95 for a comic book?  We see price resistance already with even the Archie digests that go over $2, and I have a hard time believing that we'll be able to sell ducks at that price level.

As one other retailer mentioned, we need comics priced at $1-$2 if we are going to sell to the new reader market.

Of course, Diamond will have a runaway hit on their hands if they bag the comics with exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh cards!