Heritage Auctions has just completed auctioning a page of John Byrne and Terry Austin art from Uncanny X-Men #137 for $65,725.  This continues a trend of high prices for mid-80s comic art, including $448k for a page from Dark Knight (see “Miller Page Goes for $448,125”), and $250k for the art to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (see “Original TMNT Art Fetches a Quarter Mil”). 
Golden Age art is also fetching high prices.  In the same auction as the X-Men piece above, the Jerry Robinson cover for Detective #67, the first appearance of the Penguin, sold for $239,000; Simon & Kirby’s cover for Adventure #73 (Manhunter) sold for $119,500; and the Fred Ray cover for Action #46 sold for $101,575.