Today's Variety reports that cable network Showtime has decided to put more of its dollars into continuing series while cutting back the number of original movies it commissions from 23 to 14.  Showtime has decided to greenlight a number of pilots for new series including Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions.  Based on a 1995 theatrical film that Barker himself directed (and which starred Scott Bakula, Capt. Archer from Enterprise), Lord of Illusions is an interesting blend of horror, science fiction and noir.  According to Variety, because of a possibly prohibitive budget, the pilot for this series about a detective who investigates evil cults and supernatural events is still tentative.  If the series does make it on the air and becomes a cult hit (it does have that kind of potential), retailers will have some products to sell right away including the DVD edition of the original film, which is highly underrated, as well as the novel itself.


In other news of consequence from Showtime's announcement of their plans for next season, the comic-based series Jeremiah has been renewed for another season (see 'Jeremiah To Be TV Series'), and Sean Astin, who is very popular now thanks to his work in Lord of the Rings, will join the cast of Jeremiah for the next season.