IDW Publishing will launch two new comic series in May from legendary creators Bernie Wrightson and John Byrne.  Wrightson will collaborate with Steve Niles on Frankenstein Alive, Alive!, a sequel series to Wrightson’s 1983 Frankenstein.  It will feature supplemental material including interviews, essays, and a serialization of Shelley’s original work. Wrightson’s Frankenstein, originally released in 1983 and currently in print from Dark Horse, represents seven years of work on around 50 pen-and-ink illustrations.  Niles and Wrightson previously collaborated on City of Others in 2006 (see “Bernie Wrightson to Illustrate ‘City of Others’”). 
John Byrne returns to IDW with a new creator-owned series, Trio, which features three superheroes: Rock, Paper, and Scissors.  Longtime Byrne collaborators will ink variant covers, including Joe Sinnott on #1 and Tom Palmer on #2.