Valiant Entertainment has announced the July release of Bloodshot #1, the third title announced so far in the revival of what was one of the leading comic book companies of the 1990s.  The fact that Bloodshot is part of the Valiant revival is no surprise, especially given the recent announcement that Sony Pictures has acquired movie rights to the property (see “Here Comes the Bloodshot Movie”).
Bloodshot was certainly one of the most popular of the original Valiant characters.  Angelo Mortalli (aka Bloodshot) is a mob killer who is betrayed by his crime family and who is then reconstituted with micro computers placed throughout his brain and body that provide his exceptional powers and the ability to heal himself—something that is very useful since as the legend with the newly released image states--for Bloodshot, “Every mission is a suicide mission.”
Earlier Valiant had announced the May release of X-O Manowar #1 (see “Valiant Announces First Book”), a launch that will be supported by a special Pullbox variant (see “Valiant Offers Pullbox Variant”) as well as by an innovative QR Voice Variant Edition that allows the character on the cover of the book to speak to the purchaser via a cellphone by means of a QR code on the book’s cover (see “Valiant’s QR Voice Variant”).
In June Valiant will release its second title, Harbinger #1, which will also have a Pullbox variant (see “Second Valiant Title in June”).