Marvel Comics unveiled a teaser image that certainly suggests that nuptials are going to take place in Astonishing X-Men #51 written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Mike Perkins.  Marriage in the superhero world may not quite be the circulation-building ploy that that the funeral or death of a superhero character is, but it might be a close second.  Given the relationship-heavy narrative of Astonishing X-Men—some might even call it a soap opera--the “Save the Date” poster really leaves only one thing in doubt—who exactly is getting married.  Eligible candidates who appear in the comic include Wolverine, who’s had several brushes with marital bliss in the past, Northstar, Karma, Warbird, Iceman, and Cecilia Reyes among others.
Certainly Iceman and Cecilia have a relationship history together, but lately it appears that Gambit is a more likely consort for Cecilia.  Gambit certainly seems available, particularly since he has moved into his own bachelor pad in Westchester, but what about his major history with Rogue, will Marvel bring in one of the partners from a different X-book?  There are indeed lots of possibilities, and with reports from the House of Ideas already indicating that Northstar is moving back to the Big Apple and in with his boyfriend Kyle, could Marvel be hopping on the Gay Marriage bandwagon and attempting to bring a little of the Kevin Keller magic to the Marvel Universe?