Namco Bandai Games Inc. has announced the addition of Scar, a new Webcomic based on the classic Samurai-themed Japanese arcade game Genpei Tomaden, to its Shifty Look Webcomics platform.  The Singapore-based art and design house Velvet Engine Pte. Ltd. is producing the Scar Webcomic with Edmund Shern handling the writing and Skan Srisuwan providing the art.  The Scar Webcomic will launch on April 12th with new installments every Monday and Thursday thereafter.
Namco Bandai has created the ShiftyLook as a platform to revivify vintage video game properties (see “Namco Bandai Cultivates IP”).  The Scar webcomic joins a growing lineup on the ShiftyLook that includes Rocket Fox, The Five-Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies, Sky Kid, Xevious, Bravoman, and Alien Confidential (see “ShiftyLook Nabs Alien Confidential, Rocket Fox Webcomics”).
Scar t-shirts will be available in the ShiftyLook Party Kit, which is available now to comic book retailers, game shops and other reputable geek culture outlets in the Americas and Asia.  Interested retailers should contact the Website.