Two uniquely important collections will be auctioned by Heritage Auctions in the next few months, one the finest collection of Silver Age Marvel comics known and the other the largest single-owner collection of original art ever received for auction by Heritage.  With record prices being set regularly for both key high grade comics and original art, this promises to be a blockbuster.
The comic collection is owned by Doug Schmell of Pedigree Comics and includes the top Marvel Silver Age CGC registry sets of each title offered.  Almost every comic is the highest graded or tied for highest graded copy according to the CGC census.  The runs, all graded 9.6 or above, are:
·         Avengers #1-100
·         Daredevil #1-100
·         Fantastic Four #1-102
·         Journey into Mystery #83-125
·         Strange Tales #101-168
·         Tales of Suspense #39-99
·         Tales to Astonish #36-101
·         Thor #126-200
·         X-Men #1-66
The art collection to be auctioned is similarly spectacular.  Called "Shamus Modern Masterworks," and assembled by Martin Shamus, father of former Wizard publisher Gareb and his brother Steven, it includes the Todd McFarlane art for Spider-Man #1, along with lots of other Marvel art by McFarlane and other Image and Image-era artists.
Both collections will be auctioned at Heritage’s July 26-27 Beverly Hills Signature Auction.