Mark Craddock of Comic Book World, Inc. in Florence, Kentucky comments on the review piece that recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal (see "'WSJ' Trashes Big Two") which brutally condemned Marvel and DC for their superhero comics.

I realize I'm technically drawing on "arcane mythology," but I wonder what Tim Marchman would say about Robert Kirkman if he realized he pitched The Walking Dead to Image Comics as Night of the Living Dead, since it is the public domain?  How would Kirkman be viewed then by Marchman?  And how is an industry supposed to support a creator like Alan Moore who produced a work that could have gotten me arrested and my stores closed down for carrying it?  Sure, artists can argue artistic expression versus pornograpy, but there are not the ones in court or jail.

Maybe Marchman should look at the fact, the like it or not, Mr. Moore hasn't had the impact on our industry since Watchmen.  Sure, he can use his disgust with DC Comics treatment as a reason, but Lost Girls wasn't what we needed. I'm sure Tim can't be bothered to step outside of a "real bookstore" long enough to actually do enough research, so he can present a review, instead of an op-ed piece.

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